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The Kaplan Centre at the University of Cape Town and the Institute for Jewish Policy Research (JPR) in London will be carrying out a survey of South Africa’s Jewish community early in 2019.

The nationwide Jewish Community Survey of South Africa will be the first such study for 14 years. It will gather data on Jewish life in South Africa which will be used by community planners and service providers to ensure a vibrant, Jewish future.

Jewish communal life significantly benefits from access to reliable and timely data. Unfortunately, data on small groups like the Jewish community are hard to come by and there has been no question on religion in the South African Census since 2001.

The Kaplan Centre has conducted several such studies on the Jewish Community in the past, with the last one carried out in 2005 and before that in 1998. As the only national survey of the entire Jewish community, these studies act as an essential barometer of a variety of trends within Jewish life in South Africa.

The survey will be online and the questionnaire is being prepared in collaboration with major communal organisations in South Africa. The survey will adhere to the highest international polling standards and data will be completely anonymous.

The survey is open to any adult in the South African Jewish community. Specifically, aged 18 and above, Jewish and currently living in South Africa.

The objective of the study is to provide practical and actionable information about the current condition of the community, as well as identifying trends likely to shape its future development. The study, moreover, will provide data upon which community organizations can make informed planning decisions. The survey asks questions on a range of variables that include demographics, schooling choices, family structure, migration, identity, religious practice, health and welfare needs, and views of South Africa and Israel.

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